nah, you can’t see it, besides it ain’t meant to be.

created to be felt.

it’s called soul.

7000ft, the place u need to jump,

to feel it u have to fall, and let it be

to touch.

to see.

to feel.

there, u never feel it,

because your soul isn’t enough to feel when you are up there.

if you feel happy, secured

pain and hard work isn’t in your book

it doesn’t mean u have to feel the pain to find your soul, but it is triggered.

and u know, how the universe works are kinda funny, to feel pain, u must bleed.

the best part is, we all bleed, and we don’t realize it

because up there, dulls your sense

Nah, it doesn’t mean your sense is broken,

u just don’t use it.

u abandoned it,

eye isn’t for seeing, it’s for looking.

ears aren’t for listening u have to gather it

and your heart if u use it just for your secure,

they die.


there’s no color.

all u can see is….

black and white.

the soul isn’t for everyone.